First Frost

First Frost

We finally broke down and turned on the heat in our house this morning.  While I have fond memories of Jack Frost leaving his calling card on the window of my childhood bedroom, my children will be thus deprived.  Frost on the car will have to suffice.  I’m glad for the changing seasons, but we’re going to have to set up a different vegetable washing arrangement–standing in the shade with fingers in icy (literally!) water was less than fun.

It’s no coincidence that the last blog post is dated 6/20/10.  Havah Ruth Reinford arrived on June 30, and when I came back from maternity leave, we had problems with our computer, then I realized that uploading photos (worth a thousand words, right?) was more complicated than I anticipated, then I got busy with CSA and farmstand stuff and high tunnel construction and deer fencing and. . .well, now it’s November, and my faithful readers have missed out on a whole season of news, views, and ramblings.  Never fear!!  I’m not the kind of  friend who goes on vacation and posts in real time (“Off to lounge by the pool”  or “We’re fourth in line to get our programs signed by Justin Bieber!”).  Nor will I corner you into looking at all 2,135 photos from my wedding, or the birth of my first child, or the graduation of my puppy from training school.  No gushing from me–my memories of the summer will trickle out at random intervals, recalling warmth and green and growth.  So stay tuned–splashes of summer may be just what you need during winter, daylight saved for later.

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