Now it’s a real farm

When school groups come to visit Joshua Farm, I usually ask if they expected to see cows, chickens, horses, or other farm animals.  The answer has always been a resounding “YES!” accompanied by a brief disappointment that no such animals exist at Joshua Farm.  I then go on to explain that a farm is a place where agricultural products–trees, fish, cows, tomatoes, etc.– are grown to be sold (as opposed to a garden, which is generally for personal consumption).  This week, however, a new resident came to Joshua Farm:  Sugar the Holland Lop.  Sugar the Holland LopAll together, now, say “Awwww.  He’s so cute!” Sugar has been residing in my basement for the last two years, and is the third in the string of bunnies that we have cared for (all rescues, for the record).  Sugar, named thus by DJ because he’s brown and white “like brown sugar and white sugar,” is not as sweet as his name would lead you to believe; in fact, he’s decidedly grumpy and has resisted all attempts at socialization.  I was weary of the giant dust bunnies that were accumulating in my laundry area (and their inclination to jump onto just-washed clothing!), worried about his proclivity to eat cat food (there’s something scary about the idea of a carnivorous rabbit), and tired of forgetting to bring in fresh greens for him (and having to take his droppings back out to the field).  After months of searching for a suitable cage on Craigslist, we finally found one that worked, and now Joshua Farm has its first official farm animal (unless you count Boots and Josh, the feral cats that call the field “home.”) In spite of the fact that all he’s likely to produce is great manure, I think the school groups that come in the future will be happy to discover that we have a real farm. 🙂

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2 Responses to Now it’s a real farm

  1. Brian says:

    Awwww. He’s so cute! And cantankerous.

  2. Amanda says:

    hurray, Kirsten, for having a ‘real farm animal’ at the farm. 😉 I hope to come visit you soon, okay?

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