Urban farm signposts

You know you might be an urban farmer when. . .

1.  The “ancient treasures” your children find while digging in the dirt are bits of broken bottles and car parts.

2.  Shooting unwanted critters isn’t an option because your neighbors are too close.

3.  You drive by bank barns and turn green with envy at the abundant storage space.

Birds Eye View of Joshua Farm, thanks to Google

4.  You wonder about the effect of chlorinated water on plants.

5.  You have to shovel the sidewalk in winter lest the city give you a citation.

6.  You can enjoy a view of the city’s skyline from your post-harvest wash station.

7.  Some customers and volunteers admit to feeling unsafe when coming to the farm.

8.  You spend an inordinate amount of time picking up other people’s trash.

9.  You rejoice to see a solitary bat,a hawk, goldfinch, or other signs that the natural order still exists amid the concrete jungle.

10.  You measure your growing space in square feet, not acres.

11.  You wonder how to get your produce onto the tables of the hundreds of households within walking distance of the farm.

12.  It’s against the law to have any livestock on your farm.

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One Response to Urban farm signposts

  1. Becky says:

    Hi, I heard about your farm on public radio while traveling to Cambria County from Bethlehem, PA. Just looked up your site and blog. Love your list about urban farming. I can relate to the unwanted animals and not being able to shoot them…cats are my enemy. My dog is a hard worker thankfully, but some stilll get through. I am on hiatus from our farm after having a baby. We plan to do some guerilla gardening in our city, and look forward to keeping up with your comments. Happy Sowing! Becky

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