Pictures from Postponed St. Patrick’s Day Pea Planting Party

Amanda and Victoria placing pea seeds

Can you tell I love alliteration? 🙂  I was hoping to get peas planted on St. Patrick’s Day, but the soil was too wet to work with, so the pea planting party was postponed until today, the last day of winter.  Thanks to the crew who came out today to get their hands dirty.  The warm sun was a gift, and many hands made light work. 

We planted two varieties of sugar snap peas; in a few weeks we’ll plant some shell peas and some snow peas.  Peas are unique for at least two reasons:  they are the first seeds to be planted in the ground (at least here at Joshua Farm), and they are one of the few seeds we actually plant by hand (instead of using a seeder).  We plant 1 lb. per 75 feet, which is denser than some recommend, but it’s worked for us.  We also inoculate the seeds with a beneficial bacteria (rhizobium legumasaurum or something like that) that helps the plants utilize nutrients better (particularly improving the uptake of nitrogen) and thus improving yields. 

It's not such a hard row to hoe!


Ready to grow!I have this terribly unoriginal idea that I’ll take a picture from this spot each week as a measure of growth.  I suppose each day would be better, then I could stream them all together on animoto or something, but that sounds like a lot of work.  If a watched pot never boils, then maybe a watched seed never sprouts?

carrot power!There’s some verse in the Bible I like to quote about “do not muzzle the ox while it is treading grain,” which I take to mean that those who work should be able to reap the benefits.  So, everyone who planted peas today got a head of lettuce and a carrot that had been growing in the greenhouse.  Yay for carrots!

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