Potatoes? check!

Josh and Beth at the Elmerton field

The soil has finally dried out enough to kick our planting into high gear.  In fact, we could actually use some rain soon! The major accomplishment of the month was getting our potatoes planted–all 350 pounds of them!  Purple Majesty, Colorado Rose, German Butterball, Canela Russet, Dark Red Norland, Banana Fingerling, and a mystery kind whose label I have to track down.  I’m reminded of the guy who ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days, partly to prove that potatoes are a very nutritious food (and thus should not be excluded from allowable purchases under the WIC program).  We used a simple furrower attached to the back of the rototiller to make a trench for the potatoes, plopped them in, and covered them up.  After the leaves poke up through the soil, we’ll “hill” them (pulling soil up around the stems) and mulch to retain moisture and reduce weeds.  According to my schedule, potatoes should have been planted three weeks ago, so it’s great to cross that off the list and move on to planting onions and tomatoes and peppers and basil and eggplant, oh my!

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