Kids and carrots

Kids and carrots are a great combination.  Carrots are one of the most common vegetables, easily recognizable by children, especially since the advent of “baby” carrots.  [Note: Kids, carrots, and books are an even better combination, and sometime soon I’m going to start an official collection of children’s books in which carrots play a prominent role.]

We planted carrots in the greenhouse last October, and they grew slowly during the winter.  They were a great treat for volunteers in March and April, but over the last two months they have been putting energy into developing seeds and the roots have lost their sweet flavor.  I’ve kept them around for show and tell, as we’ve had various groups of children visiting the farm recently, and I love the gasp of recognition when I pull one out of the ground.  The bunny loved the huge carrot tops.

The plants to the right of the kids are carrots, well over 4 feet tall!

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  1. Stef says:

    sweet 🙂

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