Field trip to Martin Grandview Farms

In addition to the daily work of weeding, planting, and harvesting, we try to provide additional learning opportunities for the youth who work at the farm.
On Wednesday a few of the Joshua Farm workers got to take a field trip to my (Roanna’s) family farm in Lancaster County. My brother is the 7th generation of my family to work this plot of land- and my ancestors have lived in the area since immigrating to the United States from Switzerland and Germany about 12 generations ago.
Cameron, TyQuan, and Josh piled into the farm van and drove 30 minutes to Martin Grandview Farms- an operation that is quite a bit bigger than our productive little plot in the city. My father and brother farm in partnership, with one additional employee. We have chickens for eggs, beef cattle, and grow corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and rye.
The guys were able to see beef cattle, learn about growing corn on a large scale, and watch my dad pack a few eggs. We tossed a few bales of straw on the trailer for use in mulching here at the Joshua Farm, and got to eat a delicious lunch that my mom made.

Packing eggs by the hundred dozenOne of the silos at Martin Grandview FarmsTires as tall as people!