Farm Fresh Pizza

Pizza is a simple food- basically just a bread dough spread thin with some sort of toppings.  But simple doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot of work to bring it to your plate.  Most of the time this is done in a highly mechanized manner, but every once in a while someone will take the time to create pizza from scratch.

The Crust
It all began last October when Kirsten planted a few wheat seeds in a slice of the pizza garden.  Those grains sprouted, and grew, and were harvested in early July. Then I cleaned the grain, and the guys helped to grind it in to flour.

grinding wheat the old fashioned way

The Sauce
A few cloves of garlic, sautéed in olive oil, with a handful of tomatoes and fresh herbs, simmered on the stove during the morning.

Making fresh mozzarella

The Cheese
Today I got to make my first batch of mozzarella cheese. It was pretty simple, and I’m fairly certain that I will be doing it again in the near future. The process began around 9:00. A gallon of milk, ¼ tablet of rennet, 1 ½ tsp of citric acid and 2 hours later, a good pound or so of cheese was chilling in ice water, ready to make its debut on pizza.

The Toppings
All straight from the farm: slices of pepper, tomatoes (for a margarita pizza- instead of spooning on the time-consuming sauce you can just toss on slices of tomato. I’m a fan), peppers, rounds of summer squash, and even a bit of corn for some variety.

The Chefs
Cameron was impressed by the transformation of milk into cheese, and did a great job of chopping fresh veggies and mixing up a fantastic pizza crust. Roanna, as usual, was a bit scatter-brained with lots of dirty dishes all over the place, but was in her element as she stirred and stretched and guided.

The Hungry Crew
The group from the farm came in a bit after noon, eager to try the freshly baked pizza, simple lettuce salad, and peach salsa.

A masterpiece ready to eat!


posted by guest blogger Roanna Martin (whom we will miss dearly as she moves to West Virginia!)

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