February 1

I hope you all got to spend some time soaking up the sunshine today.  While I was outside in the field exploring with my kids, I discovered CARROTS!  They were planted in August or September in our least fertile plot (Plot 3, scheduled to be out of production this season for restoration).   Since they weren’t ready to harvest by the end of the CSA season, I kind of forgot about them until today.  Havah loves carrots, and started eating one before I could wash it off.  She didn’t seem to mind the the extra grit.  It’s good we only have clean dirt at this farm.

These beets make me happy.  We’ve had such a hard time growing beets in the field, for reasons I haven’t yet figured out, but in the high tunnel they’ve done really well.  I’m hopeful we’ll start the CSA season with beautiful beets!

This picture is of spinach (variety: Python).  The right side of the bed was harvested on January 18.  Most plants don’t grow much during the winter, so we didn’t harvest the left half of the bed; preferring instead to save it until mid-February, for the next Farmers on the Square market.  But surprisingly, the right side has regrown and is as tall, though not as dense, as the left side.  Note to self:  plant Python again!

If you happen to be in the high tunnel and the door closes, pull this stick/string to open the door.  If the string breaks, call Kirsten.  If Kirsten is not at home, think long and hard before cutting your way out of the high tunnel.  If you start to become anxious about the embarrassment of needing to be rescued from a plastic structure, call Josh.  He’ll know what to do–he’s been in your shoes. 🙂

If you’re dreading the grey days of February (assuming that today’s high of 59 was just a fluke and not the new normal), come visit the high tunnel.  There is life, and green to chase away the blues!

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