The start of something new

I’ve had a fantasy for a while of posting more regularly about Joshua Farm.  Not just for the sake of posting, mind you, but because there is so much going on here, in this ecosystem, in my head, in the greenhouse, in the field, and I want you to share in those experiences, because isn’t part of the reason you joined a CSA (or support Joshua Farm in general) to BE CONNECTED?!  Alas, I have all kinds of obstacles–I ought to post photos (which requires not only remembering to take the camera out to the field, but also remembering to take pictures, and then transferring the pictures to my computer, then resizing them one by one, then uploading them to the blog), my kids want to use the computer, I’m tired, it’s late, I was going to start doing blogging every day/week on January 1st (or March 1st, or the first day of spring), and such and such date has passed, and. . .you know.  Excuses.  You have them, too?

So, inspired by the book which has been consuming my free time (and which has nothing to do with agriculture, just a lovely novel), I’m starting.  Now.  But since writing about writing is pointless, here’s the real news of the day:

We have 44.5 of 46 memberships reserved, which means we’re really close to being full and if you’ve been thinking about joining the CSA this year, now’s the time to spring into action.  Those 44.5 shares represent 59 households; of those 59 households, 14 live within close walking distance of the farm.  (Really, everything in the world is within walking distance, just like everything in the world costs just pennies, but for this definition of “close” I mean people who could walk to the farm and still get home in time to make supper).  So, almost 25% of our members live in our neighborhood.  That’s local food, folks!

Still growing,

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3 Responses to The start of something new

  1. Brian C. says:

    Go get ’em! What’s the novel?!

    • joshuafarm says:

      The novel is Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese. First book in a while that I reorganized my life around. A recurring quote from the book is “We can’t finish if we don’t start, so we better start.”

  2. Frank McManus says:

    Hey, I’ve been wanting to read that book for about two years now! Maybe I should just go for it …

    But meanwhile, I just stumbled on your website and I’d like to become a member, or buy a share, or however you describe it. I recall reading somewhere that I can buy a half-share, which is what I might want to do. But I can’t find any links here about how to buy a share. Can you help, if any shares are still available?

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