A is for asparagus

Yep, it’s true.  We’ve started harvesting asparagus.  And it’s really yummy.

Asparagus is unique in that it is a perennial.  We planted these crowns in 2008, and each year they produce more.  A well-cared for planted can last 25 years, I’m told.  At some point we stop harvesting so that the shoots can mature, develop leaves, and harness the sun’s energy to store it in the roots for next year’s growth.

For better or worse (better for me, worse for you) asparagus season starts long before our first CSA pickup.  That means that volunteers get to eat the bulk of it, so if you’ve got time to help out, there will be a tasty reward!

This week, we also planted peas, transplanted our first batch of tomatoes to larger pots, pulled out the kale and mustard greens from the winter that have bolted in the heat, turned some compost piles, mowed lawn for the first time this spring, fixed the rototiller, marveled at the growth of the spinach in the high tunnel, wondered whether we should irrigate some crops (already?!!), sampled sorrel–our first harvest of this perennial crop established in 2011, and worked at weeding.  Rain would be welcome over the weekend!
with hope,

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