Looking forward, looking back

The beginning of our harvest season is just around the corner–CSA pickups start in two weeks!  Today we’ll be planting microgreens, our fastest-growing crop.  Peas and strawberries are flowering, spinach and the recently transplanted peppers are loving the rain, sweet potatoes and eggplant will hopefully go in the ground this week, and a wide assortment of spring greens is looking great–lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, broccoli raab, and radishes.

Today is the first official day of work for our adult summer interns.  Brindley will be managing the youth employment program, drawing on her experience coaching and teaching at youth sports camps and on her time at a theraputic farm in Maryland.  Amy will be managing our satellite field at Elmerton, gaining valuable experience in her journey toward a major in sustainable studies at Messiah College.  Both will be guest bloggers over the next few months and will be helping with our stand at Strawberry Square,  so you’ll get to know them better soon.  We are reviewing applications for our youth positions, which will start in mid-June.  Once they start, our summer work crew will be ready for any task!

I’ve been meaning to post our 2011 Annual Report since January.  It’s the first time I’ve compiled a document like it, and while it’s more for internal reference than public scrutiny, those of you who want to know the nitty-gritty about Joshua Farm will appreciate the information.  So, working under the “better late than never” axiom, here it is!

Joshua Farm 2011 Annual Report

Enjoy the day!

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