So, I wrote thi…

So, I wrote this a while ago but I had technical difficulties but I am finally getting it posted.

Hey!  I have a couple of things to share with you all.  The farm is going well.  Things are growing really well.  I wouldn’t know where to start so I will just give a couple highlights.  I am totally amazed at how well the potatoes are growing especially the Purple Majesty.  I am really happy with the lettuce but maybe just a little fast.  The tomatoes and cucumbers are looking splendid in the high tunnel and we will be getting them soon.  And the winter squash is just starting to grow.  The only thing, I wish would grow slower are all the weeds.

So…. Brin and I saw something very interesting at Elmerton.  We were leaving and we saw a Red Tail Hawk on the light pole.  It was just sitting there intently looking at something.  We saw an animal on it’s back with it’s legs flailing like a turtle on it’s back.  We went to look at it and it was a baby ground-hog that had been mortally wounded.  Score one for the Red Tail Hawks.  I hope they keep up the fight on our behalf.  So far we haven’t had any damage that I can find from the ground hogs. 

We have been having a bunch of volunteer groups coming.  They are a lot of work but we really like having them come.  We had a school group of 4th and 5th graders before school was let out.  They were weeding and planting flowers and mulching.  I over heard one boy talking to another.  “I really like video games ‘cause they’re fun but I would rather be here getting dirty.”  The other boy said, “Yeah, I love getting dirty.”


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