Calling all artists and creative people!

If you’re an artistic or creative person, let me invite you to participate in a unique project.  We’re calling it Wireworks.  Here’s the backstory:  last year, we used 17 gauge wire to trellis tomatoes at Joshua Farm.  The wire wasn’t worth reusing as a trellis, but instead of just recycling it, I thought it would be fun to make things with it.  Our family has transitioned to cloth napkins, so I made napkin rings (actually, I only made one–now I need to find the time to make 5 more so I have a matching set!)  Then I got the idea that other people would also have fun experimenting with wire, and Midtown Scholar agreed to host a show of the wire creations at their Yellow Wall Gallery in August.

So, if you’re interested in putting your creativity to work, pick up a spool of wire at Midtown Scholar, make something with it, then return the completed project to Midtown Scholar by August 10 to be included in the show.  Complete guidelines for participation can be found at wireworks.pdf

If you’re not the creative sort, at least plan to visit the Yellow Wall Gallery between August 14 and 26 to support the artists!  You might even find some napkin rings or other functional art that you could put to work in your home!

Kirsten Reinford
Joshua Farm Co-Manager

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