Reflections of a farmer:

It seems that the summer got away from me.   Weeks turned into months and I still I haven’t written anything.  Now, we have had out first frost and it is time to reflect on the farm and this season that still isn’t quit over yet.  It is good to reflect and see how far we have come and think about where we are going.  We always need to think about the things that have gone well and the things that we can improve.  I hope that I can create space and time to write a few reflections in the weeks to come.

I am truly blessed to be able to work at the farm and enjoy God’s amazing creation each and every day.  I love coming to work even if Kirsten and Micalagh think I sometimes work too much.  I love being able to see God’s hand in the big picture as well as the day-to-day work at the farm.  God’s hand is so present that it is hard not to see it even when we are busy day in and day out.  I love being able to see seeds grow, to seedlings, to plants, until they are mature.  I am amazed to be able to grow and eat the produce that we have grown.  When the plants die or we pull them up, we still aren’t done with them, we compost them to use for future plantings.  It is great to see the whole cycle of life at work in the farm.  I am constantly in awe of all the things I see and learn. 

It is clearly fall now and the temperatures have fallen to the point that last night we had our first hard frost.  Many think that things are winding down and they are in some ways but it didn’t feel that way yesterday.  Knowing that our first killing frost was on the way it meant harvesting less hardy vegetables.  A volunteer, Shevonne, and I harvested 200 pounds of peppers, 20 pounds of hot peppers and the last few summer squash.  To put it into perspective, 200 pounds of peppers is 5 of our largest tubs full.  Time for some stuffed peppers and freezing some too.  It took me by surprise that while harvesting we kept finding Preying Mantis egg sacks (6 or 7 of them).  They must like the foliage or something about the Peppers.  We also found a very pregnant Mantis looking for a place to lay her eggs. 

I love being able to work with my hands, problem solve and be creative.  Recently, I have been able to do that while building a new chicken coop for the younger chickens.  They had outgrown their space and are ready to start laying eggs any day. The coop isn’t finished but I am happy to say they moved into their brightly colored new home (can’t be missed in our vast fields) and are enjoying their extra space.  One of the first things the rooster did was have a romantic tryst with one of the hens.  I have to say the least it caught me by surprise and didn’t seem all that romantic.  

Thanks for all the support!

Joshua J. D. Moritz

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One Response to Reflections of a farmer:

  1. Stef says:

    Love these posts… is there a way to purchase eggs at the farm? Thanks,

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