The Mystery of Plants….(written in late January)

I am constantly amazed at all the vegetables we have growing in the middle of winter when it is absolute down right frigid.  Granted they are growing really slowly but what do you expect when half the time they are frozen (little exaggerated, frozen over night mostly on the really cold nights).  It is truly crazy that certain plants can freeze, thaw and continue to grow.  Many times this touch of frost actually improves the taste like in kale, collards, carrots and spinach. 

Many people don’t know what all we are growing right now and have been all winter.  Let me give you an idea of things growing in the high tunnel and green house.  We have beets (eatable greens), salad mix, head lettuce, mache (buttery green), two types of spinach, two types of kale, radishes, scallions, swiss chard, endive, mustard greens, bok choy, broccoli raab, parsley, rosemary pea shoots and micro greens.  I might have missed a few but that is most of the list.  These plants are mostly cool weather plants that are a bit hardy or at least cold tolerant.  We are still learning that some plants are definitely cold sensitive including micro and regular basil as well as funnel.  They unfortunately didn’t make it though the cold.


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