Josh’s morning ritual

Josh's morning ritual

Josh’s morning ritual

This is what Josh does every morning after feeding the critters and watering the plants.  Mice are a big issue in our greenhouse during the winter.  They love the warmth of the heating mats, and think that the little seeds we so carefully planted and the tender young greens are a buffet line at a fine dining establishment.  During the summer, the doors to the greenhouse are usually open and the feral farm cat can hunt them down, but during the winter, the cat doesn’t venture into the greenhouse (though installing a cat door has been on the to-do list for quite some time).  Instead, we use basic mouse traps and peanut butter to try to keep the mice from decimating our seeds.  Josh has been faithfully setting traps daily, and so far the damage from mice has been minimal.

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3 Responses to Josh’s morning ritual

  1. We’ve had a few critters in our kitchen too!

  2. joshuafarm says:

    I think I am doing a pretty good job. I haven’t found any damage to seeds or plants yet this year in the greenhouse. (knock on wood) I can’t wait until we can leave the doors open and Josh (the feral farm cat) can take his job back. It is hard to keep on top of them. We have caught 7 in the last 8 days. One of these days they will decide it is healthier to live someplace else.

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