Little Surprises at the Farmers Market…

You never know what you will find or experience when you go to a farmers market (story to follow).  Here is my plug…. We are going to be at Farmers on Walnut in Camp Hill from 3pm to 6:30pm.  It is in the bottom floor of Camp Hill Presbyterian Church at 2145 Walnut St. Camp Hill PA 17011.  Come and visit us.  We have a bunch of great produce for sale.  They have a very nice farmer’s market during the winter on the third Friday of the month.

It seems appropriate to share this story, since we are going to farmers market today. About a month ago, we were at Farmers on Walnut in Camp Hill. They hold it a large room in the bottom of the Camp Hill Presbyterian Church.  The vendors’ tables kind of form a circle with us in the middle with two tables and the administrator’s table.

We have been there twice and have had a great time there both times.  It is well organized and run.  The customers and other vendors are really friendly and talkative.  It is a relaxed atmosphere with a feeling of community.  Many of the customers bring their children along.  People are chatting and catching up or learning more about the farm or products.

Kirsten came during the market to check in and see if I needed anything.  She had DJ, Marina and Havah.  Havah was dress in this cute little Tigger costume with ears and a tail.  The children were wondering around looking at things and Havah was right behind me when a little boy came up to her and pointed at her tail and asked her if it was real.  She acted a little shy and didn’t really answer him.  He decided to see what he could find out on his own.  He pulled her tail and this led her to walk away from both of us. 

She walked about ten feet to where Marina was standing in an open space in the middle of the vendors.  It was so amazing to see about 12 kids suddenly gathered around the two of them.  They all started jumping up like Tigger, laughing and giggling the whole time.  They were just being kids having loads of fun.  It just does the heart good to see children having unbridled joy.  They are so innocent and happy.  It was something you just had to witness.

It’s always good for the body and soul to go to a farmers market. 

Joshua Moritz 

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