Thank you notes, part 1

A few weeks ago I hosted a group of third and fourth graders from a local school.  Not long after, I received a package of beautiful thank you notes in the mail.   My heart was warmed to know that the art of thank you notes is not yet lost, and of course it’s always nice to be appreciated!  I’ll share some with you as I have time to post them, as your support has helped Joshua Farm grow into the place it is today.

Thank you so much for letting us us come to the Joshua Farm!  It was my favorite field trip! I loved when we learned that some weeds are edible, like the chickweed.  Yummy!  It is now my favorite weed of all time!  I also really enjoyed when we got to do the different projects.  My group was pulling chickweed and it was actually really fun!  Another thing that was cool, was the pizza garden.  It really looked like a pizza!  When I’m 16, I’m definitely going to volunteer with my friends!  What I like is that all the fruits and vegetables are organic and not filled with a bunch of harmful chemicals which can leak into our watershed.  Thank you again for speaking to us about the Joshua Farm, and thank you for all the hard work you do. 


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