Hello everyone! My name is Dan Dalton and I was appointed the director of the Joshua Farm in early-February. I have spent the last few weeks getting things up and running for the season with Isaac and Kirk C., our farm manager and growing assistant, respectively. We are looking forward to a season of growth and changes at the farm.


There will be some new opportunities to join us at the farm this season, including periodic workshops. This will be in addition to on-farm sales and volunteer opportunities. Keep an eye on the website for a schedule of events. I am looking forward to meeting folks as the season progresses. Don’t hesitate to stop by to say “hello!” Lastly, I want to thank Kirsten for the years of tireless work building up the Joshua Farm into what it is today. Her vision and efforts have touched countless people and I am humbled to carry on in her place.



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  1. kathy yohn says:

    no csa this year ?

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