Challenges in Urban Farming

Urban farming has a lot of advantages – community engagement, proximity to markets, beautifying urban spaces, and connecting people to food production. One of the other unfortunate realities of urban agriculture is the opportunity for vandalism.

At the Joshua Farm, we have not been immune to this fact. Last Wednesday, while all of the Joshua Farm employees were off site, vandals got into the farm. Several flats were overturned and a personal vehicle was spray painted with graffiti and had all four tires slashed, all in broad daylight.

We wanted to share this with our supporters and the wider community to highlight one aspect of urban farming that is often neglected. The damaged property can be repaired and new seedlings can be grown. We will be more vigilant about what is left out at the farm and will redouble our efforts to communicate with our neighbors. Over time, the sting of this insult will fade and the farm will carry on.

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2 Responses to Challenges in Urban Farming

  1. winnav says:

    Youu’re doing a great service for the city. Don’t let this get you down. Keep up the good work!

  2. Stef Maitri says:

    Big sigh. I walked by yesterday afternoon, and wondered at the locked gates. Disheartening, and so important to carry on. Eagerly awaiting the first volunteer day. Take care.

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