Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, Install, and Potluck

The Joshua Farm and the Harrisburg Rain Barrel Coalition are proud to be hosting a rainwater harvesting workshop, installation, and potluck this coming Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 11am, at the Joshua Farm (213 S. 18th Street, Harrisburg).

We will give a tour of the Joshua Farm’s rainwater harvesting systems starting at 11:15am. Lunch will be at 12:15pm and is potluck style. Please bring a dish to share as well as plates and flatware. Following lunch we will install rain barrels on at least two of the Joshua Farm’s buildings and talk about how to do it on residential buildings.

This event is FREE and open to everyone! No RSVP necessary.

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One Response to Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, Install, and Potluck

  1. Since we have a work share, I wanted to let you know that I could schedule a day to come work in the greenhouse if your in need. My schedule at work is changing and will become very flexible. BUT its best for me to schedule things way ahead of time. So if you have a need now or soon will, please let me know. I can do just about anything at the Joshua Farm.

    Holly Taylor

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