Trip to the hardware store: Spring clamps

Managing a hose

Managing a hose

As we’ve mentioned before, simple, versatile, inexpensive tools and solutions are what we like to use. Continuing our series of post about great things to pick up at the hardware store, we present spring clamps.

Often used in wood and metalworking, spring clamps provide a moderate amount of grip within the jaw of the tool and can be quickly rearranged when needed. At the Joshua Farm we use them to manage hoses and cables as well as to hold plastic and shade clothe to protect crops. We use metal spring clamps with rubber ends because they last longer than those made of plastic. At under $5 a piece they are a bargain. Some days it feels like the whole farm is held together with spring clamps and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Corralling extension cords

Corralling extension cords

Holding shade clothe taught

Holding shade clothe taught

Don’t forget that volunteer hours at the farm, on-farm sales, and CSA distribution are tonight from 4pm – 7pm. We hope to see you soon!

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